NAIPO Massagers

Photo via Amazon

The Problem:

The Aukey Group is one of the largest e-commerce businesses on the planet, with interests in nearly every category of consumer goods. NAIPO, an Aukey brand which sells at-home massage equipment, was looking to increase its presence in the United States. Despite the origins of massage in East Asia, NAIPO had found that U.S. consumers had reservations purchasing a Chinese brand of massagers. Their primary strategy relied on discounts and deals, further lowering the value of their brand in the eyes of the high-income demographic that predominates the $4.2 trillion health and wellness industry.

The Solution:

Aukey reached out to us to help them overhaul the NAIPO brand in the U.S. market. We helped them transform the way they present their products to the Western world. This included:

  • Integrated launch of oCuddle, oFlexiSpa, oPillow and more
  • Listing content on and
  • Copywriting of social media posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Development of EDM copy, website copy, video ad scripts and seasonal campaigns
  • Copyediting of User Manuals, Operation Guides, & Warranty Cards
  • Blog writing on
  • Influencer and media outreach

The Results:

During product launches, NAIPO content was able to reach over 61M readers. This earned NAIPO brand recognition throughout the United States. Now it is regularly featured in well-respected publications, such as:

  • CNET
  • USA Today
  • Rolling Stone
  • Popular Science
  • Parade magazine
  • Prevention magazine
  • New York magazine
  • Health magazine
  • Shape magazine
  • And more every day!