About Us

In late 2018, Jack Kocsis and Brian Danza, two veterans of digital media, realized there was a fundamental disconnect in the media ecosystem. 

Brian, a former U.S. government official and digital media executive with a background in designing, building, and distributing consumer electronics on the web, witnessed the decline of traditional revenue streams.

Jack, a Harvard graduate with a background in affiliate marketing and social media, saw the inefficiencies of modern e-commerce, with publishers who wanted to get in the game, vendors who wanted real estate on their websites, and nobody to connect them. 

Our epiphany was that these were not two separate problems — or rather that they did not have to be. By connecting digital media outlets with enterprising advertisers, we could enhance revenues for all parties involved. 

We are dealmakers. We are problem solvers. From display ad optimization to content marketing, we can enhance your revenue in this tenebrous age of ad blockers and internet inattention.