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Social Media Growth and Advertising

social media

A key part of building a US brand is omnichannel presence on US social media. We have years of experience in growth tactics for US social media, and will use the platforms to increase your brand image to US consumers

Amazon Listing optimization

amazon listing

American consumers are looking for familiarity when purchasing items online. Photos, videos and descriptions need to make them feel at home. We will transform your listings making the average US buyer comfortable with the purchase before hitting the buy button.

Brand Image Marketing

Brand Image

We have introduced thousands of Chinese products to US audiences. We know the best strategies to make your brand stand out. With professional content, influencer marketing and online presence development, we can make your products more desirable to US consumers.

KOL introductions

KOL Intros

We have spent years developing relationships in the US publishing ecosystem, and will use our connections to get your brand on their websites, videos, and social media accounts.

Publisher Services

Affiliate Content Creation

content creation

Quality content is key to a successful affiliate publishing program. The Foxbat Media team has spent years refining the art of creating affiliate content. Let us create a turnkey affiliate content program for you. 

Social Media growth

social media

A robust social media presence essential to building a loyal audience. But building a social audience is no longer as simple as producing good content. Over the past eight years we have build exceptionally large social followings across platforms.

Ad Stack Optimization

ad stack

While many publishers have a good grip on their advertising stack, even the most competent ad operations teams can sometimes miss revenue and revenue products. With over 20 years of Online advertising experience we have relationships with countless advertising partners, and can tailor a solution that will fit your revenue needs and reader experience.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy


Affiliate marketing has become an essential part of publisher revenue stream, with companies such as Deadspin media receiving nearly 40% of their revenue with affiliate sales. We have successfully launched and grown affiliate marketing 

Amazon Prime Day 2019 was an unqualified success. During the two-day stretch, Amazon sold over 175 million total items and signed up more Prime users than ever before. In a sign of the Everything Store’s continued rise to dominance, Amazon had its best Prime Day ever despite hundreds of other retailers offering their own competing sales events this year. 

If you were one of the millions to shop the innumerable, sometimes literally unbelievable,…

From blogs, to social media, texting, DMs, etc…the digital revolution has had an undeniable effect on punctuation. Think about it: Exclamation points are now used with much greater frequency than they were ever meant to be. Does anyone remember the two-spaces after a period rule? And the symbol formerly known as the pound sign is called a hashtag and is used for categorization or accentuation. 

If you are a descriptivist, you take these changes in stride, considering them…

President Donald J. Trump participates in a bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People, Thursday, November 9, 2017, in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Since we regularly travel to China for client meetings, Brian and I are constantly asked about the ongoing Sino-US trade war. Which side is winning? What is the perception over in the Middle Kingdom?

These are not necessarily easy questions, and…

If you have been to China in the last couple of years, you have surely noticed that everyone pays for everything with their cell phones. China has effectively jumped from an all cash economy, past credit cards, directly to what is effectively an all electronic payments system using Tencent’s WeChat Pay, and Alibaba’s Alipay.

If you already know about China's transition to all electronic payments, click here to head down to the how-to section, if not read on for a little…


Stop giving to crowdfunding campaigns. No seriously, just stop. They are all scams— every single one.

Ok maybe this is an exaggeration. But how much of an exaggeration? We really have no idea, and that’s the entire point. Yes, there have been very successful crowdfunding campaigns, I can think of Boosted board, Flow Hive, Pebble and maybe a handful more. But for each success, how many have failed? More importantly, who benefits from crowdfunding campaigns? As far…

“Is Amazon dying?” “Do you think Amazon will be around in 5 years?”

These questions, if posed by anyone living in the United States today, would be considered absurd.

You would not even have to know that Amazon posted record profit in their most recent earnings reports. Or that Amazon is already three-quarters of the way to lowering Prime delivery time from two days to one. You would not have to know that Amazon Web Services is the leader in cloud computing (and has double…

Do I Need To Apply For A Visa In Advance To Go To China?

Getting a visa to visit China is supposedly difficult, especially if you don’t have a particularly good reason to go there (at least from the government’s perspective). If you are trying to conduct business, you need an invitation letter from a Chinese company, which can be a hassle. Even if you have all the necessary documents to be granted a visa, the process can take time and be subject to the tumults of international…