Tribit StormBox Micro

The Problem:

Tribit is an audio brand that specializes in bluetooth products like speakers and headphones. Though the company continually develops high-quality products, it has had trouble earning U.S. media coverage on par with its more well-known competitors, such as Bose, JBL and Ultimate Ears. Tribit wanted more publicity following the launch of its StormBox Micro, a smaller version of its existing StormBox model. Although its modest price tag still rendered the StormBox Micro a “budget speaker,” it was important for big influencers and media outlets to recognize the bluetooth speaker’s quality as well.

The Solution:

We took on the role of managing the StormBox Micro’s presentation to the Western world, which included:

  • English-language Amazon page
  • U.S. press release
  • 15 pieces of content featured on sites with over 600M combined readers
  • 7 YouTube videos on channels with 1.6M combined subscribers
  • 100K YouTube views

The Results:

  • CNET called the StormBox Micro “one of the best-sounding pocket-sized speakers I’ve heard.”
  • WIRED said the StormBox Micro “the perfect speaker to pop on your handlebars.”
  • Rolling Stone ranked the StormBox Micro #1 on its list of Best Bluetooth Speakers, writing “If you’re looking for a good sounding ultra portable speaker, this is our recommendation.”
  • The New York Times’ Wirecutter called the StormBox Micro “The best speaker we’ve found for ultra-portable use, such as backpacking and cycling trips.”
  • In a direct comparison to Bose’s SoundLink Micro YouTube’s Flossy Carter said the StormBox Micro “sounds a little bit louder and to me it just sounds better.”