Brian Danza

Brian Danza is a Co-Founder of Foxbat Media and an experienced Media Executive, Government Official, and Project Manager. 

After graduating from Montana State University, Brian moved to Washington, D.C. to work on George W. Bush's re-election campaign, during which his lifelong admiration for the interaction of media, government and the public began.

After the campaign, Brian joined the U.S. Department of Commerce, where he led the Digital Television Converter Box Coupon Program, a $1.3 billion dollar program to transition America from analog to digital television. In this role, he designed the eligible converter boxes, and he implemented the media campaign to inform the public about the transition and the steps they needed to take not to be left in the dark. 

After leaving government, Brian became one of the early team members at where he worked as CTO and COO. In these roles, he was in charge of growing the company to one of the largest online media companies in the United States, all while making sure the company remained profitable. In 2016, he created a new affiliate marketing vertical, ushering in a new revenue stream for the business.

In his spare time, Brian is an avid runner and skier as well as an instrument-rated private pilot. 

Jack Kocsis

Jack is the Co-Founder of Foxbat Media and content marketing guru. The New Yorker magazine once referred to him as America's "enlightened youth."

While a student at Harvard University, Jack Kocsis saw the media landscape -- and world at large -- change before his eyes. An editor at The Harvard Crimson, he decided to immerse himself in endeavors to help him understand the direction of the media in the years to come. He spent a summer at Facebook as well as a summer in Beijing, serving as an intermediary between a Chinese company and its partners in the West.

Jack's time at Harvard spawned a lifelong interest in how digital media can connect with its audience. He spent three years at a social media consulting firm, helping news outlets, political parties and corporate entities navigate and engage on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo. He then became first Director of Commerce at The Daily Caller, expanding the company's revenue streams through affiliate marketing and e-commerce. In that role, he started partnerships with Amazon and other affiliate networks, sold merchandise directly to consumers and worked closely with hundreds of sellers, especially Chinese sellers, writing product reviews and sharing products with an American audience. 

Jack has an A.B. in Government and a Citation in Chinese from Harvard. He is also a trained focus group moderator. In his free time, hosts trivia at bars throughout D.C. 

Min Li

Min LiMin is an associate of Foxbat Media and a digital marketing maven.
Growing up in Guangzhou, China, Min came to the U.S. in 2012. She received her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and African Studies and a certificate in Digital Media Trend Analytics from Pennsylvania State University. While a student at Pennsylvania State University, she participated in various PR, advertising, and marketing campaigns. Her clients have included Dunkin’ Donuts, Student City, and many others. She holds a Master’s in Advertising from Boston University.
Min spent two summers interning at Guangdong Television Station in China as a producer’s assistant. She authored weekly program articles on the official Guangdong Radio and Television Station website; helped with set design, script rewrites and the preparation of publicity materials; and created an official social media account that attracted more than 38,600 subscribers. She also worked for The Daily Caller as a business intern. Min assisted the business team in leveraging social media platforms and in writing dozens of Daily Dealer articles promoting Amazon products.
In her leisure time, Min travels all over the world.