Programmatic revenue

Programmatic revenue, revenue in general, is supposed to be simple, it's not. 

  • Do you know the difference between header bidders and waterfalls? Do you know how to structure your waterfall? 
  • Have you heard of OTT video products? 
  • How are you doing on AMP and Instant Articles? 
  • How do you monetize video? are you a youtube partner? How much is your player costing you? 
  • So you do sponsored content? 

These are all questions you should be able to answer without hesitation, more importantly you should have solid revenue streams from each and every product. All while not overwhelming your readers with overly invasive and obnoxious ad products.

Foxbat Media can audit your display advertising stack, and with our vast industry connections will find you new sources of revenue from new partners for products you currently have, create new products you may not have thought of, and optimize the way you are creating revenue from your content.