Brand Promotion

It is easier than ever to make a product in China and sell it to a consumer in America. Price-wise, Chinese brands can often offer more appealing versions of products they know Americans want to buy. However, there are still two problems:

(1) Reaching American eyeballs

(2) Persuading American eyeballs

Right now, the easiest way for a Chinese brand to be seen by an American consumer is to attempt to get it to the top of Amazon's search results. This strategy can be notoriously volatile, as competing brands try to undercut each other with fake reviews and even Amazon's intervention. Just because your brand's product is atop Amazon's search today does not promise it will be there tomorrow. 

There is another way. 

77% of Americans say the most persuasive source when considering buying a product is a recommendation from a trusted source. In today's online world, trusted sources include the news media outlets American read each and every day. A recommendation or placement in a trusted news property can instantly give your brand credibility with millions of Americans. We can get your products in the news, and we can even write the copy that gets distributed across both traditional and social media. 

Our consulting instantly increases both your credibility and your ability to persuade.